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Author of ten books ranging from humour and gift books to more serious subjects. My most recent book is The Contented Little Husband - how to turn your slovenly spouse into the perfect partner. It is in no way based on my lovely husband, whatever he says.

Other recent books include The Secret Diary of Eric Cowell, a spoof diary of Simon Cowell's baby,in which Piers Morgan appears as the baby's butler the inimitable Jeeves. Do you like celebrity culture? Me neither. Then you might really enjoy this book. I have also written actual proper books, such as The Secret Life of Money, a book about the economics of everyday life gleaned from my business career. I co-wrote this with the lovely Daniel Davies, my contented little husband.

Also author of gift books about Mr Benn and the Wombles full of gorgeous illustrations, which if you have seen my drawings you will know are not by me. These books were a fantastic excuse to get to meet the original creators David McKee and Elisabeth Beresford and to buy some original Wombles and Mr Benn pictures for my walls.

The Secret Life of Money


"This book is like Freakonomics, but funnier and more whimsical.

It's basically a collection of short, highly readable chapters each of which looks at a curious corner of the economy and explain how it works. The chapters on elevator maintenance, funeral homes and trade shows were highlights - you might not think these were interesting subjects, but this book will change your mind."


Reviewer, S Westlake, on Amazon

Why does it cost more to move a piano than install a lif? Who exactly are rip-off jeans ripping off? For asnwers to questions like these, delivered with laughs throwin in too, read The Secret Life of Money. 

The Secret Diary of Eric Cowell

"You can really exercise your facial muscles with this book and smile, chuckle, giggle or guffaw as is your preference. You will enter the entertaining baby world of Eric (and Simon) Cowell and along the way you'll meet Ant and Dec, Squiddly and Diddly, Sharon, Cheryl, Piers (aka Jeeves), Amanda, David, Leona and many more characters in increasingly hilarious and ridiculous situations. The penultimate chapter is a fitting climax to a well researched and well constructed book. It's rare for me to laugh out loud when I read a book, but I did when I read this. I loved it!!"

Reviewer, Daisy, on Amazon

Ever wondered what life for a celebrity baby is like? Now is your chance to find out...!

The Contented Little Husband


The Contented Little Husband is a very entertaining take on married life offering helpful tips on subjects such as Manflu - useful advice on how to fake sympathy. And answering questions such as is it possible for a husband to ask for directions? And the inevitable: can a husband ever be persuaded to put the toilet seat down?

The book has been described as : ‘The hilarious guide to turning your slovenly spouse into the perfect partner.’ This highly amusing book is all about the pitfalls of modern married life and how to skirt round them rather than plunging in headfirst.

Mr Benn's Little Book of Life


"I loved Mr Benn as a child, yet reading this book I can now see how he helped shape me to become the person I am today! He's a lovely character who doesn't need to get in trouble or cause hassle to people to be interesting and exciting. He takes pleasure in the ordinary and has extraordinary adventures with the help of the Shopkeeper, who always appeared, "as if by magic". A fantastic book to remind you of the ideals we would all do well to live by. Beautiful pictures by the original artist. Wonderfully nostalgic."


Reviewer, RainbowClaire, on Amazon 

The Wombles' Guide to Life


Remember you're a Womble! Learn the lessons of life from the Wombles of Wimbledon Common as you become reacquainted with loveably greedy Orinoco, practical Tobermory, the bossy cook Madame Cholet, venerable Great Uncle Bulgaria, bookish but brilliant Wellington, the Bungo and Tomsk double-act and fearless MacWomble the Terrible.  A delightful book bringing these furry eco-warriors back to life, packed with gorgeous original illustrations by Edgar Hodges.

The Sprout Book


Everything you never wanted to know about Brussls Sprouts. And I mean everything. From the world's larget sprout, to sprouts in art, the great chocco-sprouto swap Christmas game perfect for shooing away unwanted guests. In this fun fully pictoral book there are recipes galore - mostly with sprouts in them though - as well as some tips about how not to cook sprouts using the newly invented sprout colour chart: gentle pistachio, the colour of braised or lightly steamed sprouty perfection; sulplurous greeny yellow, overcooked sprouts; dull khaki, the cut-with-a-spoon sprouts of childhood, known and hated the world over; black, burnt sprouts. Intrigued? I knew you would.

Look After the Pennies


Discover the new sharing economy in Tess Read's book all about how to save money and influence your bank account. Does what it says on the tin - provides 100s of money saving tips and tricks, with unadvertised humour thrown in too. Because even careful money-saving types enjoy a giggle.

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