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I studied at Cambridge University, then Oxford University, then went on to have a career in business starting at the Bank of England, and ending in advising the governent on media convergence, via many years of commercial due diligence. Recently I managed to achieve escape velocity from London and have made it to Exeter where I have taken up cycling, wild swimming, tame swimming, surfing (well, body boarding but I call it surfing), coaching, running an acappella group and generally growing old(er) disgracefully. #livingthedream

Before moving to Exeter me and my husband (Daniel Davies, otherwise known as @dsquareddigest) took our three children out of school and went travelling around the world for a year. We had a wonderful, and at times disastrous, trip.  You can read about it in my January 2017 column for Exeter Living 'When Five Went Around the World' featured in the Columns section of this website.

In Exeter I run the acappella group 'Tess & the d'Urbervilles'. Because once you think of a name like that you've got to do something with it. We meet Monday evenings in term time 7.45-9.30pm in the City Gate Hotel, Iron Bridge, Exeter, EX4 3RB. Do join us! For more of what we are about see the feature on us in Exeter Life Magazine, posted in the columns section of this website, in July 2018.

I live in Exeter with three children, three turtles, one husband and an astonishing quantity of clutter.

In my copious free time of which I have none I volunteer as an Enterprise Advisor to schools in Exeter, and work as a mentor and coach for interview, presentation and communication skills with Mandarin Consulting. If you would like me to coach you for an interview or presentation, or if you would like me to be involved with your school, or would like to comment on any of my writings, or just have a chat please do get in touch!

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Tess Read
07931 765179

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